What a fantasic idea from the Durleigh Now Facebook Page to get the kids out for a Community Easter Egg Hunt!!!  Keeping the magic of Easter whilst obviously maintaining social distancing. Please follow the government guidelines of not congregating in groups!
Find your EASTER HUNT sheet below! Click the download link for the best resolution and get colouring!!
Please put your assigned hunt number (on the Durleigh Now Facebook Page) in the large egg in the middle and colour in the sheet to your hearts content! 

See if you can find all the numbers on the posters in the neighbourhood!

Feel free to put up as many posters as you like (and maybe put some treats in your front garden on Easter Sunday).​​​​​​​
If you're not in our neighbourhood in Bridgwater, Somerset, don't worry. We've done you a poster too! 
Download it below and enjoy colouring to help spread some happiness for others to spot when going for walks!
Make an Easter Tree
We've heard of Christmas Trees...well why not try to find some twigs when you're out on your daily walk, make some decorations and create an Easter Tree?
Enjoy and stay safe!!
Thank you!
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