Nope they didn't share this one...although they should have.

The rumour mill is in full swing and nearly hitting meltdown mode with who might be the big 5-0 HEADLINER at this special event.....and no...I'm afraid I haven't (yet) been contacted to play although I am currently available when Shangri La or Block 9 (guess I'd settle for the Pyramid Stage) needs some full booty wiggling tech house (FYI...I'll want fire and co2 cannons, lots of it!).
Anyhoo, back on track! Even the betting markets are getting involved.
Sky Bet have artists such as Elton John and Fleetwood Mac are Pyramid Stage Favourites. And even though Glastonbury Festival Founder, Michael Evis, said this year that Fleetmood Mac's fees are too high (I think they over did it on the blue M&M's on their rider) they have said they’d certainly be game for it...but they might be told to go your own way....sorry...not sorry.
After Rocketman and Big Mac the rest of the top five back in July were Coldplay, Paul McCartney and The 1975. Helmet wearing French electronic nutters, Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers are at a cheeky 10/1 odds alongside Taylor Swift. BUT....unless anyone else knows anything different (I'm sure there are by now) we'll have to wait to find out. Personally I think Led Zeppelin (at 8/1 odds), with it being their own 50th anniversary, should steam into Pilton fuelled on zummerset scrumpy and wreck havoc but that's the stuff of dreams! If they heard it here first!

See Sky Bet's odds below.
Elton John – 6/4
Fleetwood Mac – 6/4
Coldplay – 5/2
Paul McCartney – 3/1
The 1975 – 3/1
Foals – 10/3
Arctic Monkeys – 7/2
Blur – 7/2
The Kinks – 7/2
Madonna – 4/1
Ariana Grande – 9/2
The Smiths – 9/2
Kendrick Lamar – 7/1
Oasis – 7/1
George Ezra – 8/1
Led Zeppelin – 8/1
Beyonce – 10/1
Chemical Brothers – 10/1
Daft Punk – 10/1
Taylor Swift – 10/1
Other acts available at 11/1 +
Read DJ Mag's article here:

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