Travel Photography | Iceland, March 2016
Honestly, there’s too much to write about the amazing country of Iceland! I wanted this post to be about the photos so here’s the bare information!
Time: 4 Days.
Where we stayed: Hotel Laxnes, Mosfellsbaer located outside of Reykjavik and PERFECT for exploring everywhere if you have a car (get a car – the tours are expensive and you can do them yourself if you’re willing to drive and have an adventure).
Booked through: Iceland Trip all booked through Expedia.
Flew with: WOW Air.
Airport: Gatwick to Keflavik.
TOP TIP: The secret is out! Skip the tourist trap that is The Blue Lagoon (sorry, not sorry – we wanted to save money and it was out of our way anyway and I prefer history over $$$) and head to the Secret Lagoon at Flúðir (Fludir:: pronounced “flookt-ear” …I think…) It’s a small detour off the Golden Circle Tour. The history of The Secret Lagoon is straightforward: originally built in 1891, the ‘Gamla Laugin’ as it eventually came to be known, was Iceland’s first swimming pool! Read more here.
I’ll get around to updating the post with more links to where else we went in Iceland when I can but for now…just enjoy the photos! If you have any questions please fire away in the comments or email
Video of the Iceland trip is here too
The Photos! This is a combination of shots taken with the Canon 6D (perfect for travelling at the time as was lightweight, weather-sealed and has built in GPS - get those geo tags Yo!), Go-Pro Hero4 Black and an iPhone 6. It's as much, if not more, about the journey, the adventure and the banter and who I was with (a great bunch of lads) as it is about the amazing landscapes and vistas so I wanted it include it all!
These are low-res web versions. If you'd like any of the landscape shots for Wall Art we have various options available! Just get in touch!
Would I go back?  Just name the time!
Thank you!
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