We met Katie & Chris when Emily and I captured Lyndsey & Finley's fantastic wedding up on the beautiful Isle of Mull in Scotland (blog post for their wedding coming soon!). We were up there for a few days so we got to spend a fair amount of time with the guests and they got to see how we worked (I also fell in love with their Golden Labrador, Eva, who is the most well behaved, loyal and amazing dog I've ever met!).
Chris is from Scotland originally (hence the kilt) and Katie is English. They met in Switzerland (if my memory serves me correct) whilst working at a ski resort. They live in Ireland...but got married at The Great Barn in Devon. Doesn't seem logical...yet. They saw some of our other wedding photography from this lovely venue and loved it. They knew they were going to have guests flying in from all corners of the globe so from their point of view it didn't really matter where their wedding was held so long as they loved the venue and their baby daughter, Phoebe (and Eva) could be a part of it. Done deal. They called us up and booked their wedding in! Eva even walked down the aisle with their wedding rings tied to her collar.
Here's some of their favourite shots from their wedding day at The Great Barn.
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