Ninesprings is situated in the South East of YeovilSomerset and is the largest country park in South Somerset, spanning over 20 acres (8.1 ha). It was included with Yeovil Borough in 1928 and later secured from the Batten family of Aldon House and is mainly a woodland hillside which follows the path of the River Yeo and opens out in the valley to grassy areas and a lake, all of which are perfect for a picnic! We had ours at the top. Remember to take you litter home please.
For directions and more reviews check out the tripadvisor link here.
And below are just a couple more shots from my phone that I added to my Strava post.
For any licensing, printing, publications or purchases for wall art drop me a message on the form below! I'd LOVE to see what some of these look like blown up HUGE on a living room or study wall!
Thank you!
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