HAPPY 9th ANNIVERSARY to Emma & Ian!!  I had to dig out the 1st hard-drive for this shot but I'm so glad I did!! 

Captured on our trusty Canon 50D - August 7th, 2010.

Having been in business for 10+ years, starting in Somerset and gradually capturing amazing weddings further and further afield around the UK and the world, has meant we've seen our fair share of changes in what we do and how we work but what we love is how we still stay in touch with so many of our brides and grooms and also go on to capture a lot of their friends and families weddings through their referrals.  We get to catch up in person at those weddings or when they have families of their own and want us to pop round to capture newborn and family shots! We love, LOVE this! We also love meeting new people in exciting new places, travelling to new towns and cities or countries and learning about new cultures. But the funny thing is, even if we captured weddings in the same venue each time, they'd all be different because each wedding has their own vibe, decor, and people and THAT'S why we love weddings!  Weddings are also one of the only times you can practice nearly all disciplines of photography; people, landscape, product, architecture, candid, posed portrait, fine art, automotive (if I've missed anything feel free to let me know).
We take the time to get to know our couples down to a personal level. We'll meet up a couple of times during the course of your wedding planning to go for coffee - or tea AND cake, diet starts Monday - to chat about your plans, chat about which group photos you wish to have done and more. Because we do this it means we get to know what makes them tick which makes for better photos as they're more relaxed. In fact, many have said it's like having wedding guests they've know for years taking their wedding photos which really gets us in the feels as it means we've really done our job! Part of getting to know our couples is by having some photos before the wedding. We include an hours Engagement Session with our packages because it shows our couples how we work so they know how laid back we are which helps them focus on the important details on the day, like getting married!
When it comes to having photographs after their wedding, they know who they can trust for all those life moments from newborns to christenings, to 1st birthdays (CAKE SMASH!!) and other family events and to refer to their friends and family.  Incidentally, for these referrals, if their name is mentioned at the time of booking, then a thankyou gift is on the cards for each referral! This goes for anyone, not just our past Brides & Grooms! Test it out....just refer a couple who are getting married, ask them to name drop you when they book and find out what you get!
We hope to chat to you soon!

Thank you!
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